CRPS, complex regional pain syndrome, is also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), Sudeck dystrophy, muscular dystrophy, post traumatic dystrophy, causalgia or the suicide disease. What is the cause of this mysterious and extremely painful disease?

You don’t have CRPS, you have herpes?

Dr. Paul Sudeck was one of the first to describe what we now call CRPS. Sudeck proposed the varicella zoster virus (herpes type 3, also known as the chicken pox or shingles virus) as a cause for CRPS (when it was still called Sudeck dystrophy). That was already in 1901, more than 100 years ago!

Herpes is a large family of viruses, like herpes simplex HHV1 (cold sores), genital herpes HHV2, varicella zoster HHV3 (chicken pox / shingles), Epstein barr HHV4 (mono), cytomegalo HHV5 (mono, hepatitis), roseola HHV6 & 7 (sixth disease) and kaposi’s sarcoma HHV8 (cancer). These herpes viruses are known to cause all kinds of different auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases. And I think they are also responsible for what we call CRPS, especially HHV1, 2 and 3.

The problem with herpes viruses, is that they only show up in a bloodtest in an active phase, because the bloodtest is only looking for antibodies against the virus, and not the virus itself. And the virus can be around, without the typical symptoms. You can have these viruses in your body, without even knowing it, because they only show up in a blood test in an active phase. The only thing that can detect the virus is a biofeedbackscan.

Herpes viruses can be dormant for years and hide in the organs, but also in the nervous system. During a period that the immune system is under stress, mostly by a combination of physical, emotional and chemical stress, the herpes viruses get triggered and become active. This trigger can be an accident, surgery, traumatic divorce, emotional abuse, or a chemical overload like mercury, but also a bacterial or fungal co-infection, like lyme or candida.

The herpes viruses, that hide in the nerve roots, become activated during stress, and travel to the nerve endings, where they cause damage to the nerve cells. Some call this an autoimmune reaction, but the body is not just attacking itself. The immune system attacks the virus, that hides in the nerves, causing inflammation and a severe burning pain. This pain is now labeled as a complex disease in CRPS. But what we call a flare, or spreading, until full body CRPS, can actually be the result of the viral infection, inflaming the nerves, but also the organs and bloodvessels.

Everyone is distracted by the painful symptoms, but few are actually looking at the cause of the inflammatory response. Most of the medical community is only trying to suppress the symptom, pain, with harmful and addictive drugs, or dangerous procedures, like nerve blocks or spinal cord stimulators. But these are ineffective, because the pain of CRPS is caused by a viral infection. Antibiotics and immuno suppressants, like steroids and nsaids, can make the problem even worse, because these suppress the immune systems’ ability to fight of viruses.

There are also other factors involved in CRPS, like central sensitisation / inflammation, neuroplasticity, C1 (atlas) misalignment (whiplash trauma), vagus nerve dysfunction or inflammation, parasympathetic  nervous system dysregulation, amygdala trauma / PTSD, secundairy infections like lyme disease or candida, but I think getting a grip on the viral infection, and boosting the immune system, is what we need look at first. Then we can start to heal the nervous system.

Viruses often do not show up in a blood test, but they can be detected with a biofeedback scan. The viruses can be targeted with Rife frequencies, and these can also be used to detox. Look into the systems of Spooky2, if you want to know more. You can boost your immune system with plenty of sunlight, in combination with fruit, high doses of vitamin C and other antioxidants.

CRPS is a viral disease, causing severe neuro inflammation of the central and / or peripheral nervous system, just like fibromyalgia and other pain conditions. Just to be clear. With identifiying the herpes virus, I tried to capture the hidden origin of CRPS. Does this mean that you can heal CRPS by addressing the virus and boosting the immune system alone? I do not think so, but it will help to stop it from spreading. CRPS can be seen as a post herpetic neuralgia, just like the pain after shingles. This means that there is neurological damage, that needs healing. That will be the next step.

Are you in a abusive relationship……  with your doctor?

The way medical doctors treat CRPS patients, is in the same spectrum of abuse, as having a relationship with someone who has a narcissistic personality disorder. It causes a lot of stress, and it can even result in PTSD. Narcissistic abuse works with cognitive dissonance, Stockholm syndrome and trauma bonding, to keep you entangled with a person, that says he/she loves you, but actually is abusing you.

Doctors abuse you, by not taking your pain serious, telling you it’s all in your head, and performing dangerous procedures like sticking needles in your back, in an attempt to block nerves, cutting your back open to implant spinal cord stimulators, amputating limbs, and drugging you with very harmful and addictive medications, that compromise your already burdened body, CRPS is likely to get worse than it already was.

Some of the procedures for CRPS can be seen as a violation of the Neurenberg code, that was used after WW2, to protect people from harmful and experimental medical procedures. Paul Sudeck was one of the first doctors, from that era, to describe Sudeck dystrophy, and proposed the varicella zoster virus, herpes type 3 (chicken pox / shingles virus) as the cause for this disease. But because of his supposed nazi background, the disease was later stripped of the Sudeck name, and almost nobody cared to look at the herpes viral cause.

CRPS now lives under a disguise of many different names, that add to the confusion; Sudeck dystrophy, post traumatic dystrophy, causalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and recently the meaningless name complex regional pain syndrome. Everything about the name CRPS is wrong. CRPS is not complex, as long you not only look at the symptom of pain, but look for the actual cause. CRPS also is not regional, because it can spread. The word syndrome means; ‘we do not know what is causing these symptoms’.  But  Dr. Paul Sudeck already proposed in 1901 that CRPS is a herpes type 3 viral infection of the nervous system.

You have to understand that you have become a guiney pig of abusive, narcissistic doctors, that care more about making money, than actually healing patients. And you are even paying for it, because you keep coming back, just like a victim of domestic violence who is not able to leave an abusive spouce. If your doctor does you more harm than good, it’s time to fire your doctor and take matters in your own hand.

© Niels Bagchus

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